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Trust Digital Roof to manage and promote the social profiles of your business.

Social networks are a formidable tool for promoting and consolidating the brand, capable of generating significant amounts of profiled traffic with a limited economic effort. Initially dedicated to younger users, social platforms have become effective places to increase the online visibility of companies and sponsor products and services. For this, it is necessary to have a strategic presence on one or more social networks. Social Media Marketing has the main objective of generating, improving and maintaining visibility on social channels through a series of proven strategies and techniques.

At Digital Roof, we are specialized in developing SMM promotion strategies. We will choose an effective social network and community concept for your business and develop a high-quality content plan.

Ask our Social Media Managers to:

  • Plan the correct 
  • social strategy
  • Analyze the viral potential of your products
  • Strengthen and monitor 
  • Brand Reputation
  • Build a continuous dialogue with your customers
  • Create an online community

Our SMM Services

To win fans and followers you need the right promotion: but which channels to use?

With social media marketing, you can take advantage of the dynamics of viral marketing to continuously promote your online brand and reach large audiences without spending exorbitant amounts.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, but also Linkedin and Pinterest, just to mention some of the most popular networks, can become a formidable springboard for all brands wishing to compete in the web arena. The social audience is changing, and advertising must be shaped according to the audience and the chosen target.

The knowledge of the market segment is also essential to decide which are the best social channels to advertise. For example, if the target is Generation Z, it is better to focus on new social networks such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

Facebook Marketing- Facebook is the most used social channel with more than 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook Marketing means having an almost infinite audience of customers potentially interested in your product or service.

For professional advice on the strategy that best suits your business on this platform, our Social Media Specialists have all the professional skills necessary to create social campaigns with Facebook ads, respond to your needs and make you reach your goals.    

Instagram Marketing– Born in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is one of the most used social platforms and allows you to publish images and videos to anyone who has created a personal or business profile. With Instagram, you can take advantage of the dynamics of viral marketing to continuously promote your online brand and reach large audiences without spending exorbitant amounts.

Our Social Media Strategists are able to create a relationship of trust with Instagram followers, designing the most effective Web Marketing strategy to reach and retain the audience most interested in the product or service to be sponsored.

Youtube Marketing- Youtube is a platform used at all levels, from private to business. Video ads on Youtube are often more popular than TV commercials. Video communication 

has an extraordinary impact and most advertisers rely on Youtube to reach the desired audience and intercept new users.

Also, Results monitoring with Youtube Analytics and possible adjustments of the target audience and the offer. It’s not enough just to make a good video; you also need an effective tailor-made promotional campaign. Our Youtube and Social Media experts are able to plan a social and video advertising strategy suitable for every need. Trust Digital Roof!

Pinterest- Users go to Pinterest to get ideas and get inspired – they are ready to spend money on things they like. The quality of your Pins and their relevance to user queries play a key role in increasing your impressions.

 A beautiful, atmospheric profile results from painstaking efforts in which both the SMM specialist and the client take part. At Digital Roof, our SMM specialists will create an effective marketing strategy for Pinterest.

Linkedin- LinkedIn is a social network suitable for business-to-business, i.e. search for business partners. Social media is good for long courses and complex sales. 

Entrepreneurs are more serious and have the opportunity to achieve profitable cooperation with the main partners. At Digital Roof, our SMM specialist evaluates the audience and decides which specific placements to work with.

How We Work? Passion is our fundamental ingredient

Requirements collection- Before we start each social project, we want to understand your needs as best as possible.

Social and SEO analysis- Once we understand your needs, we analyze your competitors’ and customers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Social and SEO project development–  after analysis, we start the project with your participation.

Delivery and start of the project- We then deliver the project within the established deadline.

What are you waiting for? Contact Digital Roof now.

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