SEO – Improve your search engine rankings

Achieving higher search engine rankings can help increase website traffic, generate more leads, strengthen website authority, and increase business revenue.

At Digital Roof, our team improves your website’s position in the results of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., by implementing customized SEO strategies. This high ranking will help your business grow its online presence and grow your business significantly.

Specific SEO Services

We support web and media agencies in providing advanced SEO services, including:

SEO Audit – Technical and content analysis of your website for search engine optimization.

Link Building – Increase your website’s popularity through targeted link-building and acquisition campaigns.

SEO Migrations – We help you manage your migrations properly, so you don’t lose traffic and earned jobs.

Keyword Analysis – Analyze your target market and find the best keywords for your SEO campaigns.

Backlink Analysis – Advanced analysis of your backlink profile (link trimming) to avoid Google sanctions.

SEO Copywriting – Website editing planning and SEO content creation services.

Competitor Analysis – site analysis to discover strengths and weaknesses relative to major online competitors.

Penalty Recovery – Full support for recovering lost organic traffic due to downgrade or loss of importance.

SEO Services by Site Type

We offer custom-built solutions based on your business goals and the types of customers you need to capture with Google.

Local SEO – A convenient solution for local businesses and professionals who need to see keywords, including service name and location (e.g. “accountant Milan”).

E-Commerce SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) activities that improve the visibility on Google of your e-commerce site’s category pages and product sheets without relying on PPC, with the goal of increasing sales.

Multilingual SEO Sites – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for companies that want to sell their products and services in different countries and need to increase their visibility on Google internationally through multilingual sites.

How Digital Roof can help your overall SEO campaigns

A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign consists of a series of ready-made services for website owners who want to boost traffic and sales through search engines. Depending on the characteristics of the project, each proposal may contain specific activities contained in the following six phases:

1) Market and competitor analysis – the first phase takes pictures of the website’s current position (in terms of its presence in search engines), reference segments and competition.

This analysis gives us a deep understanding of where our customers’ sites belong, our users’ search habits (what visitors typically search for to find our solutions), and how our online competition works.

In this way, you can decide which set of keywords should appear in the search results and how you really tell interesting users about your site.

2) Technical SEO – At this stage, your website is analyzed on a technical level to determine the necessary interventions to facilitate proper crawling and indexing by search engines.

Some remedial actions (often due to technical quirks as sites are not properly indexed) are suggested and improved.

Full support is also provided to anyone who needs to intervene on the site (usually the technical team or web agency that developed the site).

3) On-page SEO – This type of intervention aims to improve the website’s content and ensure proper visibility of the targeted keywords.

Below we develop an editorial plan to develop content designed to cover new semantic areas that users are searching for and to deliver new targeted visitors to the site over time in a consistent manner.

4) Off-page SEO – At this stage, there is a planning and implementation of interventions aimed at increasing the website’s popularity through digital PR and link-building activities.

Thanks to the information obtained during the SEO strategy stage, you can do your best in terms of effort/profit to increase the popularity of your site.

5) Regular monitoring and verification – To achieve stable results and always have greater visibility, check competitive scenarios and keep track of all innovations implemented by search engines through new feature releases and algorithm changes.

It is also important to monitor the range of factors that affect positioning. For example, website uptime, loading speed, the occurrence of duplicate content, 404 errors, cookies (to avoid penalties) and other controls that you act immediately on the Service.

6) Reporting – Detailed reports with metrics that allow you to understand your site’s health status, your level of organic visibility, the results achieved and a set of useful parameters based on the set goals.

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay your success! Get on the top page of Google with Digital Roof professionals now!

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