What causes blocked drains, and how to clean them?

Go into more detail regarding drain pipe cleaning. Household waste may contain food scraps, oils, soaps, detergents, hair, and other materials. In a private or public drain pipe, some materials flushed away can accumulate and cause dirt, odor, blockages, and, in the worst case, a catastrophic sewage leak accident. To prevent these drain pipe difficulties.

Additionally, as time went on, the accumulation of dirt accelerated the decline of drain pipes. Therefore, regular maintenance by Blocked Drainage Services to clean the pipe’s interior will lengthen the drain pipe’s lifespan.

The root causes of clogged drains are

Nothing for hair care (mousses, it is best to wash off any oils, waxes, etc. in the restroom. The stickiness that lingers after washing the hands leaves soap scum and flowing hair behind. Be careful not to fill the washbasin with anything that has a drain that is smaller in diameter than the gutter and lacks a hair catcher.


Desilting can be done using various methods and equipment to clean municipal, commercial, and residential pipes for sanitary or storm drainage.

Electrical tools

  • The steel spring with drain cleaning kits normally has a diameter of little more than an inch. They also feature replaceable tips to remove various materials, in addition to the fact that to make them longer, many portions can be joined together.
  • Desilting machines, in particular, are propelled by an electric motor that rotates the drain’s internal spring, assisting in the drain’s back-and-forth movement to clear out all debris.
  • It is the perfect solution for removing all waste types from internal drainage systems, including bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks, urinals, toilets, and washbasins. It works well to unclog rainwater downspouts as well.
  • Electrical equipment is inexpensive to maintain and useful for conducting financial clearances in homes, businesses, and restaurants. The ability to choose the probe’s diameter and the force to be delivered is another benefit of this method. Preventing duct cracks

Put pipe cleaners in

  • It is a technique that involves using chemicals that make it easier to clean and unclog the pipe. Users are urged to seek professional assistance because using it can result in poisoning. The Clean Centre offers a cleaning and desilting service to keep the lines in top shape and ensure that the drainage installation is free of obstacles that could lead to flooding and disease.
  • Other businesses provide manual cleaning services without the necessary tools.


  • It is a method that removes any silt using the mechanism of high-pressure water injection and then suctions up all the material that was removed. The pressure and vacuum combined in this high vacuum system, Regardless of the length or width of the pipe, suction using water equipment is the best method for effectively unclogging pipes.
  • It works well for all types of drainage, including process, sanitary, greasy, and pluvial drainage. It is also fantastic for managing pits, grease traps, cooling towers, etc.


This technique uses mechanical tools to clean pipes larger than 24 inches. A drilling cable that coils and uncoils in a controlled manner on the waste is used to dredge or excavate the sediments that prevent water from passing through them using a winch with a diesel engine. To take them out This method is applied in sewage collectors or sub-collectors because of its properties.


  • Make sure the water is flowing quickly through the plumbing system regularly. If not, the interior of the drain is usually dirty, so always clean it before the problem worsens.
  • Grease shouldn’t be dumped in the sewer since it tends to stick to the pipes.
  • Make sure regularly clean the shower and sink grates to avoid hair accumulation obstructing water flow.
  • Place strainers in the sink to prevent food waste from entering the drains.
  • Avoid using detergent excessively because it might build up inside pipes and result in clogs. To stop dust formation in those locations, disinfect sinks, bathrooms, and restrooms with high-quality cleaners.
  • Last but not least, desilting is required to ensure that the drainage systems of the various properties are operating correctly. By keeping the pipes clean, users are shielded from potential health issues and may utilize them comfortably.

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