Tips for Event Photography in Singapore

Professional event photographers capture memorable moments at functions ranging from intimate gatherings like weddings and birthday parties to massive public events like galas, award ceremonies, and music festivals. Even though event photography in Singapore has come to be seen as its subgenre, the skillet of a wedding photographer is transferable to other event photography. At the very least, the purpose of any event photography session is to amass a wide range of pictures of the attendees and the setting, both in formal and informal settings.

Here are expert event photography tips for stunning images.

  • Find out the basics

The first step is to hone your skills in photography. you need to be able to shoot in various lighting conditions, so properly setting your camera’s white balance from the get-go is essential for event photography. When you’ve mastered that, you can move on to shooting in manual mode, where you can adjust your shutter speed and aperture to create the effect you want. You can shoot in RAW format and then use the camera’s in-camera editing features to refine and perfect your image.

  • Set up your shots

Preparation before aiming is essential. The element of surprise is removed, and unnecessary shots are avoided. One can use a camera app to prepare for shots when using a DSLR. If your phone has a decent camera app, you can even use it to take photos.

  • Use low light

Low-light shooting presents unique challenges. Compared to how they would appear in better lighting, people’s features become less distinct and hazy. Poor lighting conditions necessitate using either the camera’s flash or fill-in flash.

  • Choose a good pose

Everyone has a go-to pose, some of which are more challenging to master than others. Making sure your subject looks at the camera is a simple way to improve their appearance. Most people, even if they aren’t photographers, enjoy staring intently into the camera’s lens.

  • Practice a few times

It’s smart to get in some warm-up swings before the big game. The best poses and lighting can be found with this method. Go to multiple events if you can before picking your favorites. It’s an efficient method of learning what your customers value most. You can even use a mirror to take photos of yourself and choose the best one later.

  • Insert filler flash

The fill-in flash on your camera comes in handy in low light or against a bright background.

  • Adjust the white balance

Adjusting the white balance can transform the look of your photos. Adjusting your camera’s white balance is essential if you intend to shoot indoors. This will change the image’s color temperature to adjust for the lighting. Choose ‘Auto white balance in the camera’s settings menu to accomplish this.


Nothing beats an excellent event to put a smile on people’s faces. In any case, they anticipate it every year. It stands to reason that photographers at the event aim for the highest possible image quality. For this reason, starting early is crucial. It’s possible that by the time you get there, it will be too late to begin event photography in Singapore.

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