Tips for choosing a woolen garment

Among the most beautiful items of clothing to buy are those in welsh wool. It is fine wool, warm, soft, and enveloping, which makes its figure both in more informal contexts and in elegant and refined ones.

As a delicate and soft material, Welsh Wool is considered a fashionable, luxurious, long-lasting fabric that is very functional. Before choosing a welsh wool sweater, evaluate its many advantages. First and foremost, it’s the perfect material to wear on your travels (because it doesn’t crease). It keeps you warm during the winter, but also in the summer, it’s okay because it doesn’t stick to you.

1) The duration of time

To choose a woolen garment, you must evaluate its duration over time. It is usually a very wear-resistant type of wool, but it all depends on how much you pay for it and what other fabrics are inside the fabric used. The perfect garment is the one that softens over time, the one that does not form dots.

In short, it should last forever. For this reason, we advise you to be wary of garments that cost too little and also read the label to find out if it is absolute wool or wool mixed with other fabrics.

 2) The quality

Quality is a fundamental requirement for welsh wool. When you buy it, compare it with a pure wool sweater. Touch both ends and try to notice the difference in the touch. This way, even with closed eyes, the softest garment will be the one in welsh wool.

A quick test to understand the quality of the garment can also be to rub the garment’s surface with the palm of your hand to check if the fiber begins to form small dots. If it returns to its original shape, then it means that we are talking about a good garment, really made with pure Welsh Wool

filaments. Conversely, if this is not the case, it is almost certainly a garment made with poor quality fibers, or it can also mean that the garment was not knitted tightly enough during production.

3) Learn to make the difference between a pure woolen blend 

To buy good quality woolen clothes, you need to learn to differentiate between pure garments and garments mixed with other fabrics. Depending on the combination, the fit changes but also the brilliance. For example, there are garments mixed with silk, which is a harder fiber, making the various garments less soft to the touch than those with 100% pure welsh wool fabric. Welsh wool mixed with silk clothes is usually cheaper than an absolute wool garment.

Alternatively, you may also find woolen blended with Tweed Fabric for Clothing. Again, you will take home a cheaper garment, but compared to the one mixed with silk, it will be fresh, with some of the characteristics of welsh wool (luxury and softness). Pay attention only to garments with a very low percentage (less than 20%) of welsh wool. Such a low amount of wool does not necessarily make the performance of a product positive.

 4) The shop

Choosing the right store is also important. Many retailers or shops deal in wool clothing. In general, some good advice could be to buy from a supplier whose garments have long been recognized for their quality, better in welsh wool outlets to save a little by not giving up quality. Choose the Best Wool for Clothing.

5) Learn to distinguish between high quality and poor quality 

A final important factor you must consider for your purchase is learning to determine the characteristics of woolen. In this case, you have to focus on skills such as the fibers’ length, fineness, and color. Think of clothes that are sold cheaply, at bargain prices. They will certainly be of low quality, as they are composed of thick and very short fibers.

On the other hand, the fibers are long and thin. They form very few dots, keep their shape, and improve wash after wash. By following these few simple tips, you can take entire home collections in welsh wool, of quality, at affordable prices, which will not disappoint you over time.

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