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At Digital Roof, our strategies are entirely focused on achieving the objectives for your business, focusing on the continuous optimization of resources and methods. The beating heart of paid strategies is like an engine to be oiled, cared for, and cared for constantly and delicately; it is the daily bread of our work. For this reason, our philosophy always pushes on the total compared to the customer and his needs.

Discover our paid strategies centered on our client’s objectives.

Search results for digital marketing are the basis. But climbing the mountain of SERPs and being found in the right place, even with paid campaigns, is no easy feat. What are the most effective paid advertising campaign strategies to enhance your brand?

For the management of pay-per-click campaigns on search engines, our primary focus is performance, management, and accurate monitoring. Yes, of course, you will think this is a story that anyone can tell you. If we have something more and we push to try it, it is the human touch: here, it is considered of fundamental importance for success.

Because yes, creating PPC campaigns is perhaps the most common way to allow your site to reach goals, open yourself up to potential customers, and launch a winning campaign. But behind it, we assure you, there is a world in constant movement to study, optimize, and conquer.

So, what can we offer you to succeed without going around it? Our team provides services for developing and managing an advertising campaign on the Internet with pay-per-click. We provide an efficient and accurate calculation of the company’s budget to attract the target audience.

Our work includes:

  • Determining the potential range of customers (age, gender, financial situation, interests, etc.)
  • Development of text, display, and multimedia ads
  • Setting up targeted advertising
  • Intermediate analysis of clicks on the link and target actions of potential customers and timely adjustment of settings

Evaluation of the advertisement’s effectiveness with the provision of a full report to the client.

Paid Campaign: Our PPC setup

There are infinite ways to set up a PPC campaign, but we can start from the basics to go deeper into detail. After several years of development in this area, the three main points of our method always remain clear.

1. Search strategy

At Digital Roof, our team performs in-depth analysis of market data and competitors and inquires about the product. Your strategy should contain SMART goals, optimize your budget and follow a constantly updated action plan. During this phase, we use very advanced and innovative research tools.

2. Setting up and management of your campaign

A dedicated consultant at Digital Roof will research, organize your campaign and plan your launch date. After launching the campaign, our consultants manage your campaigns daily and continuously improve them.

3. Detailed campaign reports, suggestions, and ideas

At Digital Roof, our advisor will provide detailed weekly or monthly reports that allow you to review new business plans for the upcoming period. Plus, it’s sure to be an inexhaustible source of ideas, solutions, and advice to help you achieve your specific goals.

Why entrust us with your paid strategy

Years of experience- We are a well-coordinated team with years of experience that combines the knowledge and experience of web design, programming, copywriting, and advertising on the Internet.

Documentation and warranty- For your confidence (whether the customer is an individual or a company), we always issue an invoice for the ordered work and give a guarantee.

Low prices- Low cost – the result of many years of work, optimized and semi-automatic work, and a joint base of tasks with partners.

Quality- We guarantee quality work, although the best guarantee is that our sites work and bring profit to our grateful customers. How do we achieve all this? We just love our job. And by working with pleasure, we manage to get the most important thing – satisfaction!

Ready to order pay-per-click advertising? Contact SEO Discovery. We guarantee a high-quality and inexpensive paid marketing campaign for your company.

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