How to Select a Trophy Cup for the Upcoming Awards Ceremony?

The weight, appearance, and cost of trophy cups might vary depending on the materials used in their construction. Consider a pricey alternative, like the traditional silver cup, to make a statement. The US Open Men’s Singles Tennis trophy is a well-known example of this kind of trophy connected with athletic success. Here are a wonderful selection of trophy cups that are silver plated, and if looking for something particularly sturdy, choose one of the stunning nickel trophy cups.

Although all the awards offer excellent value, purchasing presentation cups made of less expensive materials might be a good idea if money is limited. They can buy larger prizes, making them stand out on the trophy table. For instance, the selection of presentation cups includes some gorgeous-looking plastic prizes, many of which are created to resemble gold or silver trophies.

There is only a need to purchase one for the ceremony because huge trophy cups are sometimes given to the overall winners of competitions, allowing them to indulge. The runners-up can receive smaller, less expensive trophies or medals from recognising their accomplishments. There is no need to purchase a new presentation cup every year; alternatively, follow the example of most significant athletic events that save the original trophies and award the victors with smaller reproductions. Asking a nearby company to sponsor the main trophy cup will allow customers to spend a little more on it.

Additionally, one must determine which form of the cup best suits the purposes. To do this, may want to consider the type of award typically given for the kind of accomplishments to honor. For instance, while the traditional cup design is appropriate for various events, alternate variations are associated with specific sports. Golf, for example, is frequently associated with claret jugs due to the illustrious British Open trophy.

Enhancing the Personality of the Awards with Engraved Trophy Cups

When choosing the presentation cup, don’t forget to consider engraving possibilities. These days, it’s simple to personalize prizes with special messages or add the names of each winner to a trophy used every year.

The bases of many presentation cups are square or rounded. If to choose one with a square base, anybody can engrave the award’s title on the front plate and add additional information, such as the winner’s or sponsor’s name, on one of the other three plates.

On the other hand, engravable plinth bands are frequently found on awards with spherical bases. If to choose a trophy with a plinth band, decide to engrave the name of the prize on the front of the band and include the winner’s name, the date of the presentation, the venue where the competition was held, or perhaps a pertinent, motivational statement on the remainder of its circumference.

For anyone seeking to utilize the award annually and preserve it in their school or sports club’s trophy cabinet, a cup with a plinth band is also an excellent alternative because a plinth band is frequently large enough to be engraved with several winners’ names. This makes it a very practical and economical option for forward-thinking tournament organizers; if space is an issue, customers can add more plinths to the prize, as was done with the Davis Cup, a famous trophy.

Alternatively, information can be engraved on the bowls of silver-plated and nickel-plated trophy cups.

Nowadays, anybody can easily get affordable, high-quality trophy cup engraving. Metal prices were previously hand-engraved, although this practice is no longer common. Diamond drag engraving, a high-tech procedure using a machine that can personalize a range of materials with designs created by computer or by hand, is now the most popular technique for trophy cup engraving.

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