A Complete Guide to Catering Equipment for Caterers

In the day, Catering equipment Walmley solely referred to things caterers utilised. The essential idea is the same, but there are so many new products in this category that the name now encompasses a much wider range of things. In the modern context, “catering equipment” would include the appliances and utensils like Pressure Fryers Walmley needed to prepare and serve food and things like refrigerators, grills, and dishes.

Who needs cooking equipment?

The catering industry, like every other, has seen massive shifts in how business is conducted. Buyers of catering supplies are no longer restricted to those in the food service industry.

Many businesses, from large hotel chains to major food order suppliers to caterers to small-scale food suppliers to offices and residences to hospitals and clubs and even decorators who rent out various objects, all need catering equipment.

Catering Equipment

  • A hot-holding cabinet

Even more surprisingly, there is a dizzying array of Catering Equipment Repairs Walmley suppliers, some of whom focus exclusively on a single category (like, say, refrigeration or crockery), while others are veritable encyclopedias of the industry, stocking seemingly infinite quantities of everything that could be considered catering equipment.

  • Cabinets Held

Foods should be kept at safe temperatures during delivery and while waiting for meals. Cabinet heaters come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making them a highly adaptable heating solution. There are a variety of cabinet heaters available, from small, uninsulated models that fit under the counter to large, plug-free, insulated models.

  • Catering dishes

The chafing pans are the focus of any hot meal buffet or catering event. Chafers use a water pan and chafer fuel candle or electric source to maintain meal temperatures while serving guests. Chafing dishes come in a wide range of sizes and forms to suit any catering need.

  • Bringers of food pans

You can also use food pan carriers if you need to transport and deliver hot or cold items. Different types and sizes of carriers can be found on the market.

  • Tables and items for hot food

For catering events held at the operator’s location, hot food tables are a convenient way to offer guests their meals while they are still warm. On the operator side of many versions is a cutting board, making it easy to prepare and serve meals quickly. Designs, setups, and capabilities can differ significantly between models.

  • The kebab maker

A Kebab Slicers Walmley can be run by gas or electricity and come in a single or double-deck configuration. Thermostatic automation of the device is possible for increased security and productivity. After installing this essential machinery, you can open your kebab shop for business. Choose the one that fits your budget and storage demands the best. 

  • Potato Chippers

Potato Chippers Walmley uses sharp blades to slice whole potatoes into uniformly sized, rectangular chips. Potato chips are pressed between a heavy push plate and a grid blade. Use a commercial potato chipper to make high-quality potato chips instead of wasting your chefs’ time cutting them by hand. A good potato chipper can be used on a counter or a table, making it convenient for chipping potatoes in bulk.


Because catering involves preparing, cooking, and serving food, tools, equipment, and fuel are essential to the industry. All the time and effort you save, plus the efficiency you gain, is thanks to these tools and equipment.

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