Chewing Benefits Every Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of | Puppy Stimulation Chews

Dogs are naturally gnawing animals, and as long as they aren’t chewing on your coffee table legs or footwear, they’re doing a lot of good. Your dog’s health, happiness, and boundless butt wiggles will benefit from their habitual nibbling on Puppy Stimulation Chews (such as scented and flavor-infused Barebones). Graze on the following:

Helps to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Your dog has been having fun with some careless chewing if you get home from work to find your throw pillows strewn about the living room. What’s the telling sign? Tension and routine!

Highly active dogs may chew on your furniture or electronics to relieve tension. In addition to regular exercise, providing your dog with appropriate chew toys can help reduce anxiety by giving them a healthy distraction. Toys with treats or chews add an extra layer of stimulation, and scents can do the same.

Reduces Plaque Build-up

The scraping motion while they chew, is second only to brushing their teeth in terms of keeping their teeth clean and free of plaque. The accumulation of plaque on the tooth’s surface can cause gum inflammation and lead to the formation of tartar, which is very difficult to remove. The result is the gradual onset of dental illness, which can spread to other parts of the oral cavity and the body.

Burns Excess Energy

While a brisk stroll, a game of catch, or a sprint around the block with your dog are all great ways to burn off excess energy, so is gnawing. A busy dog can be worn out, and their mind calmed by a chew session and mental muscle flex, especially on days when it is too cold or wet to play outside. A weary dog is a contented dog, as people all know.

Gives puppies a chance to see the world

Puppies pick up on everything you allow them to do and everything you don’t. Providing suitable chewing outlets will enable them to explore the world safely through their mouth.

Small needle teeth need something other than bare skin to nip as they begin to cut their teeth. As puppies become bigger, it will help if you train them to chew toys over things like your TV cords and the corners of your furniture.

May Be a Sign of Serious Health Problems

Your dog may be experiencing dental problems if it formerly enjoyed chewing but has lost interest in it suddenly or gradually. Even though dogs can’t always verbalize their discomfort or pain, behavioral abnormalities can help us determine if something is wrong.

Dogs should see a vet if they suddenly cease chewing (or exhibit decreased interest in chewing, picking up crunchy treats or dry food only to drop them again).


Finally, Puppy Stimulation Chews are more than just a tasty snack. Reducing monotony, pressure, and worry. In addition to being a good source of protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin, it also has other health benefits. The canine’s teeth get cleaned while they chew. Pick up a few extra chews the next time you’re at the pet store. Your pet will appreciate it.

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