Catering and Banqueting: the true flavor of your events

The Catering section has been taking care of major events, always offering its guests new flavors and elegant details in the set-ups. Private chef devon is committed to devising innovative catering formats. Each new project is, in fact, a new challenge for us that they are committed to winning through the utmost attention and attention to detail, both in logistics and in the proposal of refined and high-quality menus.

  • Appetizers;
  • Refreshments;
  • Brunch;
  • Lunch & Coffee Break;
  • Finger Food;
  • Tea Break;
  • Open bar;
  • Lunches and dinners;
  • Business lunches for Meetings & Congresses;
  • Catering for conferences and events.

Furthermore, even in quality banqueting and catering, they pay the utmost attention to the traceability of raw materials, such as Gluten Free and Nickel Free Lines. Above all, it is an inclusive service that does not distinguish between customers: this is why they are committed to satisfying every single request, offering, for example, Vegan and Vegetarian culinary proposals, thus satisfying everyone’s palate.

Private chef devon is the ideal partner to offer you excellent catering, with attention to every detail. They carefully study the needs of each client to recommend the best path to take together concerning the characteristics of each reality. Any organizational and gastronomic need is answered through a deep and accurate knowledge of their customer.

Private chef devon has been dealing with catering services for bars, clubs, and pastry shops. The premises are inspired by a modern patisserie and simple and fast gastronomy, attentive to the quality of raw materials and accurate in the presentation of the product, which is accompanied by particular regard for the welcome of the customer.

Each bar and light restaurant sales point corresponds to a personalized offer and work for the organization, developed based on each venue’s specific needs and characteristics.

Private chef devon defines itself as a company made up not only of people but above all of ideas and projects for catering that have the satisfaction of their customers as their great goal. To do this, they are committed to offering tailor-made services and top-quality ingredients. But without ever neglecting the most important added value: the human one.

The places that are alive and that start cooking early, those that prepare the broth, bake the bread, and cut the vegetables, are the restaurants that you can book for lunch or dinner. Those who wake up an hour before the service and hurry to clean prepare and cook just before the first guests arrive are usually to be avoided. 

Conversely, if you stay overnight after the service, the tables have been cleaned, the floors have been moped, and the place is ready to open the next morning.

The first impression counts

The place must have an identity: the restaurant knows who it is – from its name to the furniture brand – and the message must be consistent. Remember that simplicity is generally the best.

The outside of the restaurant needs to be clean and inviting: the plants are neat, the windows and curtains are clean, and all the outdoor seating areas are awesome and in good condition. The outside of a restaurant that has been neglected should start ringing the alarm bells about what can be found inside.

If there are stickers with the Guide on the door, pay attention to the year: they must be recent. Otherwise, they could think that the restaurant has sat on its laurels of the good old days, with indications that perhaps date back to ten years ago.

Pay attention to cleanliness. The restaurant has to meet basic hygiene. Are the tables clean and the glasses sparkling? The bathrooms are well maintained and will not let you escape. Similarly, using harsh air fresheners or cleaning products is a breakthrough, especially in a seafood restaurant.

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